Waller Hugh Patton

(1828 Dunfermlin - 1895 Edinburgh)


The son of a damask designer, briefly followed his father into the textile business. He became an artist, like his sister Amelia, who was a prominent sculptor, and his brother Joseph who was a painter. It is likely that Waller heard Ruskin's Edinburgh lectures of 1853, and became much influenced by his ideas. Paton was one of the very few of his generation to work 'en plain air', the fashion being to work in once studio's on the basis of sketches taken outdoors. In exquisitely meticulous studies, he depicted the natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands, especially of Perthshire, Aberdeenshire and the Isla of Arran. In 1861 and 1868 he toured the Continent with his brother and his friend Donald MacKenzie Wallace. Patton was elected to the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) in 1865 and through out his career he exhibited nearly 400 pictures there. Several of his paintings and drawings are in the collection of the Scottish National Gallery.

Notes | Black Pool Killiecrankie

Black Pool Killiecrankie  watercolour

Bridge over the forest creek watercolour 25x34cm

Black Pool Killiecrankie | watercolour on paper mounted onto canvas | signed