Patrick Nasmyth

(1787 Edinburgh - 1831 London)


Eldest son and pupil of Alexander Nasmyth, and the most talented of painters amongst his children. As a child he often sketched with his father in the surrounding countryside of Edinburgh. In 1807 he moved with his family to London. During his stay in London he was particularly attracted to 17th century Dutch landscape, especially Hobbema. The influence of van Ruisdael became increasingly apparent, both in his 'open landscapes with the light and shade organised into horizontal bands under high arching luminous skies, and also in his enclosed forest scenes'. His work was often forged during his life time, so great care is needed to determine what is genuine. He worked with his left hand, as he suffered injury to his right one, and he was deaf. He was only 44 when he died while watching a thunderstorm.


Felled Trees | pencil 10x17cm