Muirhead Bone

(1876 Glasgow - 1953 Oxford)


Son of a journalist, as a child went with his father on his assignments around the city, developing a keen sense of observation. Persuaded by his school master Archibald Key, attended evening classes at Glasgow School of Art under Fra Newbery. Bone moved to London in 1901 afer the success of his series of Glasgow etchings published in 1898 and in 1901 of the International Exhibition in Glasgow. He married Gertrud Dodd, a writer, with whom he went on continental tours resulting in a number of books Gertrud had written and he illustrated. Bone was an official war artiste in WWI and in WW2. He was also a Trustee of the Tate Gallery, National Gallery and the Imperial War Museum. He was recognised as an excellent draughtsman:  ' is by his drawings in a wide range of mediums that he will be best remembered. He had an uncanny gift in rendering the complexities of crowded scene. The immensities of industrial or constructional  schemes, the confused order of shipyards, the bustle and excitement of great occasion...he had above all the gift of rendering the feeling and emotional content of his subject matter and ...the mystery of night in Spain, the grim realities of the war in Flanders, the uncertainties of mist and discomforts of drizzle of shipping in the sea approaches." (S. Houfe, The Dictionary of the 19th Century British Book Illustrators and Caricaturists 1800-1914, Woodbridge 1978).

Sierra Nevada | watercolour 28x21cm

The River, Coimbra, Portugal 1934|watercolour 24x30.5cm

Venice | 1911 | watercolour 21x28cm

Glasgow Shipyard, lithograph 40x59cm