John Milne Donald

(1819 Nairn - 1866 Glasgow )

We know very little about this artist. He was a son of Thomas Donald and Ann Milne, married in 1819 in the Parish of St Nicholas in Aberdeen. He was brought to Glasgow in his early youth, where he begun studying painting. Around 1840 he made a short visit to Paris, and on his way back he stopped in London, where he stayed for four years, continuing his studies. He became friends with Samuel Rogers, celebrated poet, banker and art connoisseur, who commissioned two of paintings from Milne Donal and encouraged him to continue on his chosen path.  Eventually Milne Donald returned to Glasgow where he lived for the rest of his short life. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Glasgow. Sam Bough was one of his mentors and friends. Milne Donald is known for his in depth observation of the Scottish landscape. He painted mainly in oils with intense vibrant colours, having a considerable influence on Scottish landscape painting, especially on the West Coast.


John Milne Donald | Sheep on a hill side | oil on board 43x54cm