Alexandre Calame

1810 Vevay, Switzerland - 1864 Menton, France


His first success came in 1839 (exhibited also in 1835, 1837) at the Salon de Paris, when the painting he exhibited was later bought by the city art museum in Geneva. From that moment on, wealthy clients, dealers, students from all over Europe visited his studio. Members of the imperial Russian family acquired several of his works, and in 1841, Louis-Philippe, the king of France purchased the painting that Calame exhibited at the Salon that year. In 1844 he travelled to Italy, with some of his students. Exhibitions, prizes and travels followed, notably to London, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Brussels and Amsterdam. He was awarded the Legion of Honor and achieved international reputation testified by his election to eight national academies, including St Petersburg and Brussels. Even though his landscapes may appear romantic, his composition and his polished technique were rooted in a neoclassical and academic approach to landscape painting.

Druidical Sacrifice | Geneva 1832 | pencil & sepia ink 17.5x23.5cm